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Pediatric Partners of Augusta understands that getting the care you need for your child can be difficult and involve unnecessary losses of time and finances. Pediatrics, care for kids, is one of the most used forms of healthcare with millions of children and their parents scheduling appointments every day. This is why we created our new Patient Portal for our patients and their parent.

With the Patient Portal, we make it simple to schedule new appointments for your child. The sign up is easy. It only requires a few vitals along with your telephone number, email and specific password for your account. The account creation should take only a few minutes but can save much time in the waiting room.

We also understand how much time can be spent when looking for a new kid doctor, or pediatrician. As a parent, it is extremely important that you feel that your child is in the hands of a knowledgeable and experienced doctor with their best interest in mind. It can be even more stressful and nerve-wracking when you’re in search of a baby pediatrician for your newborn child. This is why we take pride in hiring the best General Pediatricians and Pediatric Subspecialists who align with our values and who are well-equipped to provide exceptional care for your family.

Newcomers can also save time during their first visit by printing and filling out the New Patient Forms and Medical Records Release before their initial appointment. Furthermore, we have added a comprehensive list of our staff on the website dedicated to allowing new patients the opportunity to meet and select one our doctors before their visit.

Patients can now make their payments online on the new Patient Portal, as well. By clicking the Make a Payment tab and following the instructions to add the code from the patient’s statement, parents can cover the payments as fast as they can schedule an appointment.

Pediatric Partners has two locations to better serve our patients. Our Evans office is located at 411 Town Park Blvd., and our downtown Augusta office is located at 1303 d’Antignac Street, Suite 2600. If you’re interested in Pediatric Partners and want more information, please feel free to call us at 706-854-2500, visit our website, or follow our Pediatric Partners of Augusta Facebook page.

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