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Pediatric Partners of Augusta is not only a place for everyday child care, it is also a place for urgent care for kids. Many parents feel that they have to take their children to an adult urgent care facility when an emergency arises, but Pediatric Partners’ After Hours Clinic is there to serve our patients whenever they need it.

If you are seeking pediatric urgent care, then a pediatrician is where you want to go. Our doctors and specialists are highly-trained to treat illnesses that specifically pertain to children. Your child will also feel more comfortable at a place where they recognize familiar faces, rather than a doctor who isn’t specially trained to work with children. Your child’s medical history is stored in our records, making a diagnosis easier and more thorough.

Our After Hours Clinic is open 365 days a year including holidays. We know sickness doesn’t recognize the time of the day or whether a holiday is approaching, so it is our mission to make sure you have quality care for your children whenever you need it. Bringing your child to our clinic, rather than an urgent care clinic that serves adult too, protects them from being exposed to illnesses adults may bring into general clinics.

Parents can know their children are in good hands at our After Hours Clinic, no matter the day or time. Whether you are looking for urgent care in Evans, GA, or prompt care in Augusta, GA, our doctors are ready to take care of your child’s needs. We also help our patients outside of the clinic. Each month, we offer Baby 101 classes for expecting and new moms to help them learn more about taking care of their new babies and to answer their questions. Also, our doctors range in specialties from lactation consultants to allergists and neurologists.

We have two locations for parents to bring their children for care. Our Evans office is located at 411 Town Park Blvd., and our downtown Augusta office is located at 1303 d’Antignac Street, Suite 2600. If you are a parent with questions about our After Hours Clinic or our general pediatric services, please feel free to call us at 706-854-2500, visit our website, or follow our Pediatric Partners of Augusta Facebook page.


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