Video Library

Welcome to the Pediatric Partners video library, which has been designed as a resource to answer common questions about kids care pediatrics for parents and guardians. We know it can sometimes be difficult to understand what your child is going through, especially in children too young to tell us, which is why we speak kid! Our trained staff and experienced doctors decipher the “boo-boos” and “owies” and help your child be healthy and happy.

In our video library, our doctors share their expertise on the flu shot vaccine and the flu vaccine for infants. We also discuss the advantages of a breastfeeding consultant.All parents worry about fevers in their children, so Dr. Karen Foushee discusses when you should contact your pediatrician.

Pediatric Partners encourages all new mothers to breast feed for at least six months, which is why we provide a breastfeeding suite that includes low lighting, comfortable chairs and a changing station. Pediatric Partners also will help you make an appointment with our breastfeeding consultant. See our video below to find out more from Dr. Jennifer Ligon.

In our other videos, our doctors discuss:

  • Acne, one of the most common problems in teens.
  • Water safety tips for children.
  • Symptoms of swimmer’s ear.
  • Picky eaters
  • Vaccinations, including the flu shot for children.
  • And much more.