Vaccine Policy

The pediatricians and pediatric advanced practitioners of Pediatric Partners of Augusta follow the vaccination schedule published by the Centers for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics. This schedule can be found on our website under the patient information tab.

Vaccinating children and young adults is the single most important health-promoting intervention we can provide for our children. Although we understand there are some controversies about vaccines, we agree with the experts in the field and recommend following the vaccines required for school admission.

Not vaccinating is unsafe and exposes children to vaccine-preventable diseases. This puts the unvaccinated child and other children in the community at risk.

There is no medical reason to deviate from the established vaccine schedule, but we understand that some families feel more comfortable with an alternative schedule. Our expectation is that each child will have received the age-appropriate vaccines for school admission.

It is the policy and practice of Pediatric Partners of Augusta that all patients be vaccinated or declaring that they plan to vaccinate before becoming new patients to the practice. It is not our intent to lose or not accept new patients. However, we must regretfully ask that parents who refuse all vaccinations choose another pediatric practice.

We look forward to serving your child / children on their healthcare journey.