doctor and child

After Hours Clinic

Children don’t stick to a schedule of when to get sick or injure themselves. Pediatric Partners of Augusta understands that parents don’t just need a pediatrician from 9 to 5…
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mother feeding her baby

How to Relieve a Clogged Milk Duct

Women who breastfeed sometimes get clogged milk ducts, which feel like a tender lump in the breast. Some women just seem more prone to them than others, but removing milk…
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baby holding a yellow sippy cup

Transition From Bottle to Sippy Cup

Experts recommend parents should stop using bottles by a baby’s first birthday. Switching from bottles to sippy cups can be challenging for some babies, though, so here are some tips…
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taking baby temperature

Cold and Flu in Babies

Babies can catch a cold any time of year and at any age, and there’s no infant cold medicine to make it all better. Babies who are around older children…
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When Can Infants Get the Flu Shot?

The flu can affect people of all ages, but children younger than 5 are at higher risk for developing serious complications. Children younger than 2 are at an even higher…
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