A Guide to Choosing the Best Pediatric Facility

Doctor’s appointments are a common and necessary component of our lives. In your baby’s first year of life, there are a series of wellness check ups that ensure healthy development. Even the healthiest of babies undergo this extensive lineup.

It is essential that you have a well-established relationship with your pediatric professional. They become your partner in ensuring the physical and developmental well-being of your little one. While this decision is important, parents take several avenues to determining who their pediatrician will be.

When choosing a pediatrician, make sure you like your new doctor, and see if you agree on controversial parenting topics, such as breastfeeding, discipline, etc. While you may not love their personality, you should at least have a decent and professional relationship with them. Many new parents go by word of mouth or referral. However you happen to find your pediatrician, be sure to spend time deeply evaluating them and the facility.

Be sure that your potential pediatrician has proper training and credentials. Your insurance company may have a list of certified physicians to narrow down the options. Most pediatricians also have their certifications posted in the facility.
Most parents are advised to have their selection determined prior to giving birth. If possible, schedule an appointment to meet with the pediatrician prior to the babies first pediatrician visit. This will give you an opportunity to examine the facility and familiarize yourself with the staff. In addition, this serves as an opportunity to “interview” the doctor. Prepare a few talking points prior to meeting and be sure to ask any questions you may have. There are a few things to take into consideration during this evaluation:

  • How far away is the office from your house?
  • Do they accept your health insurance?
  • How long did you have to wait?
  • Are there separate waiting rooms for healthy and sick patients?
  • Is the practice solo or group based?
  • Do they allow walk ins if your child is sick?

Each of these factors will influence your visit to a children’s pediatric center in one way or another, take note of every aspect of your experience. Furthermore, try to establish a relationship with the pediatrician, and you’ll have a peace of mind when you finally do bring in your little one.

If you’re looking for a pediatrician in your area, Pediatric Partners now has three locations to better serve its patients. The Evans office is located at 411 Town Park Blvd., the downtown Augusta office is located at 1303 d’Antignac Street, Suite 2600, and the new Grovetown office is located at 5135 Wrightsboro Road. For more information about Pediatric Partners, please feel free to call the office at 706-854-2500, visit pedpartners.com, or follow the Pediatric Partners of Augusta Facebook page.

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