Keeping Your Child Healthy and Active in Winter

When winter arrives, it’s very common that many parents keep their children inside as much as possible to keep them from becoming ill from the cold air. While keeping the kids inside can help prevent sickness, it’s important that you keep your child healthy when it comes to their physical being, as well. Keeping your children active during the winter can help maintain their immune system, and here are a few ways to do just that.

If the weather is just too much to bare outside, turn on some music inside. Dancing is not only fun, but it’s a great source of exercise that even the kids will enjoy. They won’t even notice that you’re trying to get them moving; they’ll only feel themselves having a great time with their family.

You can also find indoor activities outside of your own home that will keep your children active. Is there a bowling alley around? What about a skating rink or a community center with an indoor pool? All of these are truly physical activities that are fun for the whole family. These activities can be beneficial for you and your child because it’s getting them outside of the house, not just to go to school, and it’s helping you keep them active without having to force them to be.

Although it’s so easy to keep your kids inside and allow them to do their own thing, it becomes detrimental if all that time spent inside is on some digital device. Limiting screen time and getting your child outside for at least 30 minutes to an hour a day, if you can, will make a big difference. This will give your child a chance to be exposed to some vitamin D, as well as a chance just to get some fresh air. And just think about it, the longer you’re cooped up inside your home together, the more chances you have of spreading germs to each other.

Sometimes a sick child is inevitable during the winter months, so even if your child isn’t physically prepared for play, they can still exercise their brain on bed rest. Between coughs your child can still do activities that will stimulate their mind like reading, coloring, brain games, or puzzles.

At Pediatric Partners, we’re your pediatric consultants for everything healthy kid related. If you have questions about keeping your child healthy and active during the winter, give us a call today!

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