Advice from parents on what to look for in your pediatric physician

Most parents will tell you finding pediatric care for your child as early as possible is best—it enlists them as partners in your child’s health care from the start, and you grow to know them over time. Parents in high risk pregnancies who have been asking questions like “What is pediatric intensive care?” after some of their appointments should consider looking for pediatrics primary care immediately upon learning they’re expecting.

Aside from emergency planning, selecting a physician for priority care pediatrics takes time and research. The kind of pediatric health care you can expect for your child will depend on how you approach and identify a good office, like Pediatric Partners pediatrics of Evans, Grovetown, and Augusta GA. Look for a practice that fits into your life and can support you by being open and available when you and your family are living your life. Is your pediatric urgent care near you and accommodating of your schedule? Is there a way for you to call your child’s doctor when their office is closed?

Do your pediatric care specialists know how to listen to your child and treat them and their unique needs as if they’re humans deserving of good health care? Pediatric Partners can sit with you and your child and talk to you about myths, alleviate your fears, and give you accurate information about what you can and should do for your child’s best health outcomes. How long has your pediatric urgent care been open, what hospitals do they recommend, and do they have a pharmacy onsite? Are they connected to a larger care network? Planning ahead means you should check to see that your child’s doctor is board-certified in good standing and whether they accept your insurance.

At your first appointment, pay close attention to how the staff and nurses treat you. They shouldn’t dissuade any questions from you; you want to know you can ask them anything, and being able to do that relies on them being approachable and caring. You’ll want to know things like who will visit your child at their first checkup; how many visits should I expect in their first year; what’s your pediatrician’s philosophy of care? What safety measures do your pediatric advocate for, like care seats. What is your child’s doctor’s opinion on breastfeeding versus bottle feeding? Does their medical opinion and philosophy on circumcision match with yours? Asking the right questions to discover if your pediatric care provider is the right fit is acceptable and crucial. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us at Pediatric Partners and let us set your mind at ease.

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